'How Do You Want Me?' was written by Simon Nye- the creator of 'Men Behaving Badly'.  There were 2 series filmed, of 6 episodes each, in 1998 and 1999. It starred Dylan Moran as Ian Lyons, a comedy club owner who marries his girlfriend Lisa, a primary school teacher, played by Charlotte Coleman. Lisa persuades Ian that they should move to the Sussex village where she  was brought up from London, as she hates London. Ian isn't to keen, but goes because he loves her and sets up a photographic business. He then finds the transition from city life to village life very hard. Things are made worse by the fact that Lisas father (played by Frank Finlay) instantly dislikes Ian and offers him 20,000 to divorce her (he doesn't!). Her mother thinks Lisa's married beneath herself and Lisa's brother (played By Peter Serafinowicz) also wants to kill Ian!


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Filming Problems!

Though 'How Do You Want Me?' was set in Sussex, filming was actually done in Berkshire.
This fact was picked up by the 'Brighton Evening Argus' newspaper who decided to try and cause a furore! They even dragged in Dame Vera Lynn to complain about this 'injustice'!! In the end, nothing was actually acheived except advanced publicity for the program.


Charlotte Coleman sadly died at the age of 33 on 14th November 2001 of an asthma attack. RIP.